Terms and Conditions

 General Terms 

Price changes may occur based on market value for all selected services and varying situational circumstances. All deposits are non-refundable, and all sales are final. The is a $150 minimum charge for all services. Automated messages and notifications via email are the preferred method of billing and invoicing of We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC. 

We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC may be reached during normal business hours by calling (254)432-4191 or sending an email to: contact@wecleanitcustodialservices.com 

We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC promotes a SMOKE-FREE environment for all employees and clients. Clients are to refrain from smoking while employees are performing services. For the safety of all parties, Clients must safely secure all pets prior to their scheduled service. Clients are allowed a 15-minute grace period following the scheduled service start time to allow employees access to the property to be serviced. After the 15 minutes has lapsed, the service will be cancelled, and the client will be deemed a no-show and non-serviceable. 

COVID-19 Representations 

The health and safety of our clients, our Employees and the public is our top priority. During the public health crisis precipitated by COVID-19, we are asking all Clients to make certain representations regarding the nature of the services they have ordered, and the conditions present at the location where services will be provided. 

Accordingly, by placing an order through the website or by telephone you are making the following representations: The residence, business or building where the services are to be performed has not been occupied—within the 48 hours preceding the date of service—by anyone that: has experienced flu-like symptoms, has been sick or diagnosed with COVID-19 or any other infectious respiratory disease; or has been in close contact 

with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or any other infectious respiratory disease; or has been under any voluntary or required self-quarantine or isolation order. The services you have ordered are—in your judgement—both urgent and/or necessary for maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of your residence, business or building and that such services should not be postponed until a later time. 

Residential Services 

Any client that does not book service within 30 days of their last service, will not receive loyalty rewards on their next service and will be required to pay a deposit before new recurring services can be reestablished. 

We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC cannot guarantee the scheduling of the same employee for services. Products and items moved during service may not be arranged in the exact formation as they were prior to cleaning. 

Any services rendered outside of normal business hours of Monday- Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (excluding weekends and holidays) will incur an additional $75/hour convenience fee with a 1-hour minimum fee. This includes travel time. Services provided to areas beyond 30 miles from our office location will incur a $5 per mile travel fee. New services cannot be scheduled without the completion of an estimate. Invoicing is completed through electronic systems and delivered via email, please provide a current email for billing. All services require a 50% deposit at time of booking to secure an appointment slot. All deposits are non-refundable. The balance of the invoice is due within 24 hours of service completion. Failure to pay invoice by 5pm on the due date will result in a late fee rate of 10% per day, all cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to service. Clients are allowed a one-time reschedule. Rescheduling of services (2 or more times) may result in a $75 convenience fee for rescheduling for each occurrence. Return payment for any reason to include charge backs and insufficient funds or any other reasons at the fault of client or client’s financial institution will incur a $50 fee for each occurrence. All discounts and coupons are only applicable to services priced $150 or more. Discounts may not be combined. 

Emergency Services 

Emergency services provided by We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC will incur an Emergency Convenience Fee to be determined at the time of service. 

Quality Assurance 

A physical walkthrough with the technician is only completed if the client is present at the time of completion. Clients have one hour after service completion to report discrepancies by calling (254)432-4191. Any corrections of discrepancies reported after the one-hour time frame will be to the discretion of the company (We Clean It Custodial Services LLC) and its management team. Clients are required to book the appropriate service based on service description, failure to book appropriate service package may result in a change in cost, rescheduling or cancellation of services. 

We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any client. 

Non-personalized photographs/videos may be taken by technicians for marketing and quality assurance purposes. Client agrees to the use of quality and assurance marketing photographs/videos without receiving compensation from their use. Client may opt out of photographs in writing to: contact@wecleanitcustodialservices.com 

Note that opting out of photographs and videos may result in the claim of discrepancies of services being deemed invalid and non-correctable. 

When scheduling any services with We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC, the client agrees to settle any disputes with We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC through good faith resolution. However, if good faith resolution attempts fail, the parties shall then submit a dispute to binding arbitration in the county and state of the physical location of the company. 

Commercial Services 

Site visits are required to provide accurate pricing estimates and onsite pricing is not available. 

Service costs are comparable to similar services at fair market pricing. All services require the implementation of a signed Service Agreement between the client or authorized representative and the company (We Clean It Custodial Services, LLC). The completion of the Service Agreement does not exclude clauses noted in the “Late Fees” section of these terms. 

All other terms of service are noted in specific Service Agreements. 

Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care Services 

All Specials are based on 10X10 standard room measurements. Clients must vacuum carpet prior to scheduled services. We do not move furniture. All furniture must be moved prior to services. Clients must make provisions for and assume the cost of damages resulting from failure to move heavy furniture & appliances such as beds, pianos, pool tables, refrigerators, safes, etc. Clients must remove breakables & personal items of irreplaceable or high value from the service area. Some stains are difficult to treat and while every effort is made to treat all stains, we cannot guarantee complete elimination. Urine or other animal stains can remove the color from fibers and such stains cannot be removed. Pet owners should know that an odor may sometimes result from a fungus that is released upon washing. If a client is aware of potential presence of pet waste, the client must inform the technician. In these circumstances, the client is encouraged to purchase the Pet Enzyme Treatment. 

Late Fees 

If any invoiced amount is not received by the company, by the documented due date, then without limiting the company’s rights the client will be charged an interest rate at 10% of the outstanding balance per day and all discounts applied to the original invoice will be removed, original service pricing will take precedence. This interest rate shall be imposed on the first day of non-payment at the 10% of the maximum rate permitted by the law, whichever is lower. We will condition future contract and service renewals or suspend our services to you until such amount is paid in full.